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Amazing! I have tried almost every other product on the market to combat dryness & redness due to Rosacea. I've been using Orenda's serum for almost a month & the change in my skin is unbelievable. The serum leaves your skin looking radiant & dewy.


This product is amazing! Super effective, saw incredible results within days of using, The best skincare I have tried yet.


I will buy these products again & again. My skin cannot tolerate RX strength anti-aging products & I had all but given up on treating my typical aging concerns but Orenda ingredients impressed me so I had to try it & its changed my face for the best! As a southern woman who will now leave the house w/ out foundation, that's saying something, y'all. I highly recommend.


I would highly recommend this line very luxurious and a great gift to yourself and your skin! Looking forward to seeing the results over time!


With combination skin and a tendency to break out, to say I was hesitant to try and oil moisturizer is an understatement. After two weeks, the milia on my chin has cleared up and my skin is overall less oily. There isn't any greasiness or slip, the serum absorbs well and my skin has a newfound glow! My only critique would be that the product is a little less than the standard 1oz but worth every penny.


Love these products, they leave my skin glowing and I feel as if I've been to the spa!


I've tried many luxury face oils and this is one of my favorites! It absorbs quickly and gives my skin a healthy glow. The scent is perfectly balanced and beautiful- slightly floral, but not overly so. I think it would appeal to anyone! I love that this is formulated for all skin types, so don't be afraid to try it if you have oily skin. I know it seems weird putting more oils on your face, but they will actually balance oil production.


My skin feels hydrated and it leaves it with a nice even tone. I use the serum, face wash and eye roller twice a day and look forward to the daily routines. It makes me feel better about myself in a few short minutes!


I have been using the face wash, eye roller and skin serum for a week now and my skin is glowing! It feels so soft and the products have been wonderful on my skin!!


: I am not new to natural skin care products and have tried many, many brands through the years. I have to say, this one exceeded my expectations.


I began to see changes in the texture of my skin and my skin tone has evened out so much.


It feels so good to feel confident with my skin. These products have made my skin glow and wearing less make up has never felt so good. Thank you!!!