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We all want to look in the mirror and feel a happy contentment with the reflection staring back at us. You know—a clear, bright and healthy complexion that makes you feel good.

Let’s face it, when you feel good the days seem to be more colorful and life a lot brighter. The opportunities to live more inspired seem to flow so beautifully.

Like so many women though, we didn’t love what our skin looked like.

Sisters and close to 10 years apart in age, we both suffered from a myriad of nagging skin issues throughout our lives: acne, rosacea, dullness, hyper pigmentation… we tried practically every product we could get our hands on with the hope that they would give us the heathy, glowing complexion we knew was achievable.

Instead, it seemed like each new product from the department store to our derm’s office somehow traded one concern for another. Dryness replaced blemishes. Redness took the place dullness. Our skin became progressively more sensitive and reactive.

Not exactly inspiring

You see, the skin is our body’s largest organ. How could anyone expect to “feed” it with inexpensive synthetic fillers, abrasive chemicals and nutrient-deplete ingredients and expect it to thrive in health and vitality?

And so it began, our mission to formulate the perfect blend of pure, multi-tasking ingredients, derived straight from Mother Nature that would nourish, repair and transform our skin.

Products that deliver happy, healthy, glowing skin and a complexion we can feel really, really good about.

Why? Because we believe that when we step into the world looking and feeling our best, we have the power to change the world.

Focused on FRESH, organic, wildcrafted and nutrient-dense natural ingredients that worked with rather than against our bodies was top priority.

You see, most conventional skin care products contain harmful ingredients that can negatively affect our health. These products provide a temporary fix but rarely address the underlying cause of skin issues.

With the goal of toxic free, FRESH, plant based products that would produce healthy, happy skin for the long term, we got to work.

We combined our knowledge and experience with that of an amazing team of PhD research scientists, a microbiologist, cosmetic chemist, herbalist and an aromatherapist to help bring our products to life.

After 2 years of research, development, countless iterations and testing, we put together what we believe to be some of the most pure, effective and healthy products available today. Our skin was the proof.

Happy. Healthy. Radiant.

And with that, the Orenda brand was born and we were ready to help transform the complexions of women across the globe.

We get it. Like us, you may feel as though you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to deliver the happy, healthy skin you know is achievable.

Orenda’s potent and intuitive blends of fresh, healthy plant-based goodness integrate naturally with skin to derive real, long-lasting results. 

Each product is made of the highest quality, FRESH, nutrimental ingredients that work with your skin to restore it to its luminous, healthy state….the condition our skin naturally returns to when it’s nourished with the right blend of nutrient-dense, restorative ingredients that come straight from the earth.

Products that feel as amazing to use as the results you will see- skin you will feel really good about. Give us 30 days, if you are not thrilled with your results return your product(s) to us for a full refund.

That’s our promise to you. Promise us this: If our products help you to love your skin, you’ll share that with us. We want to hear all the juicy details about your day’s being brighter, more beautiful and more inspired.

Because that’s what happens when you feel really, really good about your skin.

Discover Orenda and reveal the happiest, healthiest skin of your life.

#Inspire Beauty,

Jane Delo and Renee Wood, Co-Founders.