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Organic Rose Water Organic Rose Water
Organic Rose Water
Organic Rose Water
Organic Rose Water

Organic Rose Water


Multi-tasking mavens rejoice!  Our Organic Rose Water spritz is formulated to refresh, tone and even set makeup for that healthy, happy, petal-soft glow. 

  • Refreshing. Hydrating. Nourishing
  • pH Balanced for all skin types
  • Multi-functional
  • Made from Organic Bulgarian rose
  • Gluten, Paraben + Cruelty Free



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Certified Vegan
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Cruelty Free
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Features & Benefits

    • Made with FRESH, organic Bulgarian rose petals.
    • Steam distilled for ultimate potency.
    • Naturally occurring Vitamin C nourishes and revitalizes the skin.
    • pH Balanced for gentle and effective application on all skin types.
    • Restores skin’s natural pH when used after cleansing.
    • Assists with product penetration.
    • Astringent properties controls and balances sebum production for both oily and dry skin types.
    • Housed in chemical free, natural glass. 100% free of artificial ingredients, toxins, parabens, fillers, GMO’s and gluten.
    • PETA and Vegan Certified

How to Use

    • After cleansing, mist directly onto skin to tone and restore pH. Follow with serum or facial cream.
    • Mist throughout the day for a quick glow-up.
    • Can be applied atop makeup to set.
    • Apply to a cotton ball to refresh face and/or to take off residual makeup.


    • Is this product fragrance free? This product has a very light, native scent. Orenda Skin Care never uses perfume in any of its products.
    • Is this product safe for everyone to use? While Orenda Skin Care stands by the integrity and safety of ALL its products, we recommend you consult with your doctor or medical practitioner before starting any new routine while you are pregnant or nursing.
    • What is the life expectancy of this product? Because of the natural ingredients, we recommend using this face wash within 6 months to maintain its freshness, efficacy and integrity.


    • Organic Rose Water

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