[INTERVIEW]: Natalie Kay, Founder of Sustainably Chic

[INTERVIEW]: Natalie Kay, Founder of Sustainably Chic

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Orenda Skin Care Blog Interview | Natalie Kay, Sustainably Chic


As a women-led company that values sustainability and kindness, we find kindred spirits in those who have created a voice for themselves to speak up and make the world a brighter place. Natalie Kay is certainly doing that and so much more on Sustainably Chic- a blog and community for the conscious consumer.

We recently connected with Natalie to talk about what’s inspiring her these days and her views on all things beauty, wellness and sustainability. We hope this inspires you as much as it has does for us. 

About You:

People online know me most by…Natalie Kay of Sustainably Chic

City you call home: Jacksonville, Florida

Instagram: sustainablychic

Facebook: /sustainablychic

Twitter: @sustainablychc



Who or what is currently inspiring you?

Honestly, Ive been most inspired by the little boy growing inside of me. Being pregnant has given me a new perspective on life, and Ive never felt happier, more positive and ready for the future.


Best piece of advice you’ve most recently received?

I dont remember where I read this, but it was about what you put out into the world, you will receive back. Like, positivity bounces off more positivity, negativity creates more negativity - things I already knew, but wasnt always applying to my life. Sometimes I get emotional and having a platform makes it easy to speak about it, but there are drawbacks to this. Id rather just focus on the good things, and leave the annoyances to myself.


One person you consider a great influence, teacher or mentor in your life?

Definitely my Grandmaman. Weve always had a close relationship, and she has supported me without judgement. Its nice to have guidance in your life coming from someone who is generally positive and always wanting to learn.


A favorite quote of mine is…  

Im so bad at this one because I can never remember a quote! Ill read something, and Im like oh this is great and then forget how it goes the next day, haha.


Do you have a favorite way to show kindness?  

I think its all about the little things like smiling/saying hi when walking by someone to even keeping your phone in your pocket when shopping to engage with the people working there. Today, we are so caught up in our own world we forget to acknowledge those around us.


Advice you’d give to your 10 year younger self?

The world doesnt revolve around you. Haha! I was 18, in my first year of college & felt invincible. Definitely not true!



How do you define beauty?

Its such a subjective term because beauty can encompass so many things. To me, its about how it makes you feel. Does it make me happy? Do I feel warm inside? Those are the things making life beautiful.


What’s your favorite beauty ritual or form of self-care?

Sleep! I give myself about 8-10 hours a night AND a nap. Seems like a lot, but there is nothing a little sleep wont fix. Even being in my last few weeks of pregnancy, I have zero issue sleeping!


Do you have a favorite all natural remedy?

I love to put lavender oil on before going to sleep, and peppermint tea is my go-to for tummy aches.


Your favorite beauty product you can’t live without?

Im not lying when I say Orendas Vitamin C wash! I use it EVERY morning. Super refreshing!


What about a supplement?

Well, at the moment, Im taking my prenatals which are all plant-based and taste like strawberries.


What do you want others to know about the sustainable beauty + fashion space?

That it needs you! We have so much work to do within the fashion and beauty industry, and supporting the brands who are taking the time to source and manufacture responsibly is critical in this movement. We have a lot of power on an individual level, and we should exercise it more.

Orenda Skin Care Blog Interview | Natalie Kay, Sustainably Chic


Do you have a daily wellness practice?

If so, what are some foundational elements of it? Im really big into exercising and meditation while preparing for labor. Ive learned a lot about relaxation and the mind over the past few months, and plan to keep this type of practice after Elliott is born.


How do you integrate self-care into your life?

Everyday I wake up and plan time for myself. We get so busy with work, its easy to forget about yourself. Ive made it a habit to take care of my skin, body & mind every single morning.


What does “self-love” mean to you?

Loving yourself unconditionally through all the hardships, disappointments and stress thrown your way. Its hard to love others and spread positivity if you are constantly putting yourself down. I know life has its moments, but whenever I start to doubt myself, I take a few deep breaths and think of how to grow from the experience rather than dwelling.


How do you deal with disappointment or difficult periods?

So funny because I didnt even read this question before answering the previous one! I try to not overwhelm myself with emotion {which is hard to do with you are pregnant, hah}, but thats much easier said than done. I always have in the back of my mind this could be worse  and everything will be okay.


You are an entrepreneur, full-time blogger and soon-to-be mom- is there something you’ve recently had to give up in order to stay grounded and creative while juggling all these roles?

Ive lessened my working hours to prepare for my new role. Im also changing a lot of my habits with work, and really solidifying how my site is going to be run. There have been too many instances where Ive felt a brand asked too much of me {for very little in return} or asked me to do something I was not completely comfortable with because it wasnt a strength of mine. Im quick to say yes because I do want to help with their success, but I shouldnt do it at the expense of mine.


Rapid Fire:

Best purchase this year under $50?

Probably my huge monthly planner. Nothing relaxes me more than planning and organizing months in advance.


Blog, except yours, that you visit most often?

Any of the ladies in the EWC. I love Holly of Leotie Lovely, Kamea Chayne {who is launching a new podcast soon called Green Dreamer} & Alden of EcoCult.


Book or podcast you can recommend:

For sustainable fashion, I love Conscious Chatter & Spirit of 608. For just life, I love Wait, wait Dont Tell Me, This American Life & Freakonomics.


Yes or No: 10 years ago, did you expect to be doing what you are now as a profession?

That is a very big NO! :D


Favorite unhealthy habit?!

At the moment, sweets. Hopefully, Ill go back to not liking sweets after this pregnancy.


I am really good at…

creating new projects for myself.


I would like to learn how to…

finish all those said projects.

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