{Interview}: Jane Delo, Co-Founder, Orenda Skin Care

{Interview}: Jane Delo, Co-Founder, Orenda Skin Care

Jane Delo, Orenda Skin Care


Name: Jane Delo
City you call home: Tampa, FL USA


A Little About You...

Your favorite way to indulge:
A really good massage in a beautiful space is one of my favorite ways to indulge.
The best thing under $100 you’ve purchased within the last 3 months:
A custom, handmade fedora that I purchased during a recent holiday in Old San Juan. But...I lost it to the sea a week later.
What makes you smile?
Kindness in action. Mornings. Puppies. Donkeys. My mother’s food. My bed. Croissants. Service. Synchronicity.  Grace. Laughter. Butter cake from CPK. Angel numbers. Fresh, white flowers. Grace. Spirit. Running. Epiphanies. Beauty. Parks. A productive day that involves being a blessing to someone. And good skin care; hello Orenda Skin Care.  
Do you have a favorite book or author?
Non-fiction all day, every day. I’m currently reading (again) Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You by Serena Dyer and Wayne Dyer. It's an easy and super insightful read. More info here. 
What is your favorite way to relax and unwind?
A hot, mid-day run outside is good for my soul. Netflix and pizza is too.
What is something new you have recently discovered about yourself?
That my expectations aren’t too high, they’re just different than what others may expect.  It’s amazing how we believe the stories we’re told or the ones we make up ourselves. 

Orenda Skin Care


How do you define beauty?
Beauty is a feeling, it’s a movement, an experience.  That shortness of breath, that pause, that contentment, that joy, that interest or curiosity, that appreciation, fondness- that’s beauty.  
Do you have a favorite beauty ritual?
My morning ritual is the most sacred part of my day. There’s something about preparing my self to step out into the world as the best version of myself that’s special to me. And…washing my “face off” at the end of night, I dig that ritual too.     
Your favorite all natural remedy?
Apple cider vinegar. I think it fixes just about everything. Indigestion? Apple cider vinegar. Breakouts? Apple cider vinegar. Low energy? Apple cider vinegar. Broken leg? Apple cider vinegar. Lol.  
Your favorite Beauty product or supplement you can’t live without?
Orenda Face Wash because it feels and smells so damn good to use.  As far as supplements go, I’m obsessed with Krill Oil. You can read more about why it’s been a game changer for me here.


Do you have a daily wellness practice? 
Hell yes. My daily practice of meditation, silence and some type of movement or exercise are the cornerstones to my happiness, productivity and wellbeing.    
How do you integrate self-care into your life?Make time for it. Schedule it. Prioritize it. Some days though, when I’m running late or need extra sleep, caring for myself is usually the first thing to go. SMH.
What does “self-love” mean to you? Loving, accepting and being proud of your unique journey.
How do you deal with disappointment or difficult periods?

I have two ways, the dysfunctional way usually involves eating copious amounts of unhealthy food. Or going for a run or doing some type of meditation. One is a short term “fix” while the others usually bring long term clarity. Sometimes though, we just need to give ourselves permission to wallow in what makes us feel better, even if it’s short lived.

Jane Delo Orenda Skin Care


Who or what inspires you?
Beauty and kindness. A crisp white t-shirt too.
Best piece of advice you’ve most recently received:
Don’t settle.  
One person you consider a great influence, teacher or mentor in your life:
My mentor, Heather, has been a great influence and teacher during my adult life. She embodies- exudes rather- beauty, grace, authenticity, humility that moves people when they’re in her presence, including me. She's devoted her life to serving others in such a beautiful way. And, she’s been on Oprah. And she has that “understated” coolness factor that’s off the charts. I could go on and on.  
Favorite way to show kindness:  
Being a blessing to someone who least expects it.“You get a car! You get a car! You get a car!” Joking aside, whether it’s a cup of coffee or calling in a meal for a homeless person, bringing joy or blessing someone who least expects it is one of the best gifts you can give yourself, others and the world. It induces joy and inspires beauty. Immediately.  
Advice you’d give to your 10 year younger self?
Gurrrl. Do not doubt yourself. And have fun. Have lots of fun.

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