Home Remedies to Help Puffy Eyes | Jane Delo, Orenda Skin Care

Home Remedies to Help Puffy Eyes

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Home Remedies to Help Puffy Eyes


Home Remedies to Help Puffy Eyes | Jane Delo, Orenda Skin Care

“I want to wake up looking and feeling tired,” said no one ever, but too often life just happens. Mornings come too quickly and days feel longer than the middle half of that spin class you thought you wanted to take.

Feeling (and looking) tired just is. Well, not so quickly.

The universe and our bodies constantly speak to us, many times in signs and symbols. Often times under eye bags can be a sign or symbolic of our need to re-set and take better care for ourselves.  

Here are my favorite home remedies that will help alleviate puffy under eye bags but more importantly, provide you a few minutes to give your body and mind a re-set.

 Hello, Caffeine


This tip is cheap, easy and quick. Steep in hot water your favorite organic green tea bags.  Gently squeeze the excess water from bags and place them in an airtight glass container.  Chill for at least 4 hours inside the refrigerator.

Place tea bag atop each eye for 5-10 minutes in the AM and or PM. I like to cover the tea bags with a handkerchief or cheese cloth before placing atop my eyes. Add in a breathing mediation to make this combo and win-win.  

Green and black tea contain caffeine which constrict the tiny blood vessels in the skin around the eyes. Caffeinated tea also contains tannins which stimulate blood circulation, one of the main reasons why we include a high concentration of it in our Illuminating Eye Concentrate.

Flower Powered Eyes


Next time you’re at Whole Foods pick up a dozen of their Whole Trade or, better yet, their Organic roses along with a gallon of distilled water. Vase half the roses for good Feng Shui, and use the other half to make homemade rose water. Win-win!

Simmer the rose petals in water until most of the color is gone from the petals. I like to cool the entire pot in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours. Once the entire pot is good and cold, I’ll strain the water into a glass spray bottle and store in the refrigerator. This should keep for 2 weeks.

Home Remedies to Help Puffy Eyes | Jane Delo, Orenda Skin Care


In the AM and/or PM, soak two cotton balls with rose water and lay atop both eyes for 5-10 minutes.

This quick and easy remedy will help reduce puffiness and even help lessen the appearance of dark circles.

Pure rose contains flavonoids, vitamins C and A, anti-inflammatory properties, and is a natural astringent that is very rejuvenating for the skin, hence why we include it In ALL of our formulations at Orenda Skin Care.

It will give your eyes and skin the perfect little pick-me-up.



Early and often…that’s the key to using cold therapy to reduce inflammation and swelling.

This super simple tip costs less than $2 and is often recommended by facial plastic surgeons to help reduce post-operative swelling.

So what is it?  

Well, a bag of frozen peas. Frozen peas work like a charm to temporarily reduce swelling often associated with puffy, under eye bags. The peas conform perfectly to the eye area and the temperature feels perfect!

Ten minutes or so first thing in the morning is ideal. Simultaneously doing a laying breathing meditation at the same time? Perfection.

Other Things to Consider


Looking into the mirror with the proverbial, ughhhh, is no way to start the day. Perhaps we can exchange the all-too-easy criticism with a simple question: What is my body communicating to me through what I see?

While none of these home remedies will magically make puffy eyes disappear, they will certainly help. A clean diet, reduced sodium intake, sleeping elevated and copious amounts of water are other things to consider.  

Next time you see those tired looking eyes staring back at you, try one of these home remedies. And, ask yourself this: What is your body or the Universe trying to communicate to you?

Perhaps it’s time to pause and give yourself a few moments or hours of relief from life.  

Give yourself some goodness. 

Do you have remedies to help reduce puffy eyes? I'd love to hear from you. Until next time...

Jane Delo, Orenda Skin Care

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